governors ball one

My second year attending Governor’s Ball was one filled with amazing music, great company and observations. Summer has official brought upon “music festival season”, a season filled with hundreds of festivals worldwide that bring people of all ages together. Music is supposed to be healing; the start of summer music festivals such as Woodstock symbolized the 1960s hippie counterculture and brought about a whole phenomena that is now ingrained in popular culture.

Governor’s Ball: The Fashion.

governor's ball two

I can start by saying the weather this weekend did not make it easy to select outfits for Gov Ball. It was supposed to heavily rain two out of the three days with an overcast day on Saturday. Then again, when are meteorologists ever good at predicting the weather? When it came down to choosing my outfits, the first thing that went through my mind was not “What do I want to wear?” but rather “What do I not want to wear”? As a blogger, I fully understand the demands of dressing well and showing others how their style can transcend through many occasions, but when it came down to it, comfort and practicality where the reasons why I chose the pieces I wore.

Day One.

The Look:

Although it actually stopped raining by the time I arrived at the festival, the grounds were still pretty muddy and after ruining my favorite pair of ankle boots last year I knew it was better to be safe than sorry. During this time of the days are pretty hot but the nightly chills come out and a bomber jackets are so much fun to try this season.

governor's ball three


governor's ball five

governo's ball five

I also wanted to play up my accessories and loved my handmade brass choker from Amy Delson Jewelry. Less is always more and statement pieces are the perfect style solution when looking for an outfit that needs to manage all weather conditions.

Day Two.

The Look:

  • White crop top
  • Mom Jeans
  • Chuck Taylor Converse

governo's ball six

The 90s called, they want their mom jeans and chokers back. I love 90s fashion, always have always will. 90s fashion was all about oversize fits and comfort – plain Jane’s welcome. When looking for the perfect mom jeans fit is everything, especially around the waist and lower tummy area. You don’t want a pair of jeans that create a kangaroo pouch. Day 2 was once again all about statement accessories for me. Honored to have had my necklace referenced to Beyoncé’s (check out how I’ve styled this necklace here) I think statement accessories are honestly the best way to go when it comes to music festivals.




Some things I didn’t understand while I was there were the girls (and guys) that dressed to the point that they looked uncomfortable. For starters, let’s discuss rompers. I thought I wanted to wear a romper to the festival – they’re cute, boho, and are very on trend. But have you ever gone out wearing a romper and tried to pee? Now, just think about that situation, add 90-degree weather and a port-a-potty. I don’t care how cute it is, I love myself too much to put myself through that kind of situation.

I also didn’t understand the girls who wore heels and/or high wedges. You’re walking around in a field that has been turned into mud. Enough said. Also, putting feathers in your hair or dressing in “Indian/Native American” or “tribal” clothing can be borderline culturally offensive – those aren’t trends, they are cultures. Let’s do better.

Governor’s Ball: The Music.

Despite being unable to see M83, The Killers, Christine & The Queens and Kanye due to torrential storms, the music this year was amazing! I got to see Miguel – literally one of my favorite artists ever so I’m pretty high on life.

The Strokes.


Incredible. Honestly, cannot say they were anything less than amazing. The Strokes are the kind of band that have no age range, decade or particular demographic; they are transcendental. To hear them live was an experience I’ll never forget and was honestly better than listening to a recording. If you ever have the opportunity to see them, do.



Best. Moment. Ever. I tried seeing Miguel once here in NYC but tickets were literally sold out within 30 seconds. I am beyond ecstatic – he commands a stage, a literal rock star. Would stand in a torrential downpour all over again.


Matt & Kim, Thundercat, Mike Snow and all of the artists we watched perform were amazing. Despite the weather I had the best time at Governor’s Ball and am forever grateful I had the opportunity to go. I’d like to say music festivals are all about the music, but there are so many more components. Nowadays, companies look to festivals for profit, free advertising with fun kiosks and hashtag signs as well as opportunities for fashionistas to show how stylish they can be. I am not saying any of it is bad, however, we must remember we are all there to share an experience and enjoy the day for what it is. One of the main things I noticed is how many people recorded every show and forgot to watch them.

We need to live in the moment because we don’t really know how many more moments like these we’ll ever get. Until next time!