The Best Sweaters for a Fall Wardrobe

September 8, 2016 1 Comments

It’s “Building a Wardrobe Wednesday’s” and this week we’re discussing the best sweaters for a Fall wardrobe. In my previous post on creating a Capsule Wardrobe, I mentioned 5 sweaters that should constantly be rotated into your closet either year round or every cold season. With each style I also added a “Sitting Pretty Style Loves” highlighting a favorite for each one. I chose to go with the minimalist website, Everlane. Dedicated to full transparency on their manufacturing and supply chain. They break down how each piece is produced and sell for the actual cost, not the retail price.


The Best Sweaters for a Fall Wardrobe: Cardigans

Sweaters are special. They make us feel good, like a permanent hug that doesn’t let go. As in life, there are no absolutes when it comes to fashion. Some of our edgiest and iconic celebrities are so because they do not abide by rules and you shouldn’t either. That being said, cardigans are one of those pieces that let you create a look and a style without changing any bit of who you want to be.

best sweaters for fall wardrobe

best sweaters for fall wardrobe 2

Sitting Pretty Style Loves:
The Luxe Wool Square Cardigan | $85

Cardigans are great closet staples, you can literally dress them however you like and with so many options and price points available, you can find one that suits your style perfectly. You always want to have a basic cardigan, preferably in black or neutral that is of amazing quality so it lasts (cashmere, wool, cotton, etc.). I particularly love boxy cardigans like this one from Everlane that can be paired with anything and has a more relaxed fit.

Favorite ways to style a cardigan:

  • Jeans + Tank + Boxy Cardigan + Flats
  • Skirt + Bodysuit + Tights + Long Cardigan + Booties
  • Silk Dress + Mules + Textured Cardigan + Choker
  • Leather Shorts + V-neck + Mules + Grandpa Cardigan

The Best Sweaters for a Fall Wardrobe: Crewneck, High-necks & V-necks

Growing up in Miami, I never had much need for crewnecks, high-necks or V-necks. On the rare occasion it went below 70 degrees, we Miamian’s are very simple people and just grabbed our parkas like we were preparing for the blizzard that wasn’t. These are all great sweaters to own and to keep things simple I recommend one of each.

best sweaters for fall wardrobe 4

best sweaters for fall wardrobe 5

Sitting Pretty Style Loves:
The Luxe Wool Crew | $78

I purchased my sweaters from Uniqlo. Buying from fast fashion stores is not a bad thing and I recommend them if you go for solid colors and staples. Just make sure the quality is good! Wool and cashmere are my favorite Fall textiles as they keep me warm and look luxurious, even if you didn’t spend a lot.

Favorite Ways to Style a Sweater:

  • Navy Crewneck + Boyfriend Jeans + Leopard Ankle Boots
  • Cognac Mock Neck + Leather Circle Skirt + Over-the-Knee Black Boots
  • Gray V-neck + High-waist Skinny Jeans + Closed Classic Pumps
  • Black High-neck + Black Cigarette Pants + Black Loafers

The Best Sweaters for a Fall Wardrobe: Oversized Sweaters

Can I just say oversized sweaters are my favorite kind of sweater? They make me feel so cozy and no matter how they’re styled they look like a fashion statement. I styled one of my favorite oversized sweaters here.

best sweaters for fall wardrobebest sweaters for fall wardrobe 6

Sitting Pretty Style Loves:
The Chunky Wool Wide Crew Neck | $78

I have found my best sweaters at H&M (most of these are from there) and thrift shops. I don’t really thrift as much anymore, however, I do go regularly to this vintage shop in the West Village that has some of the best pieces I’ve ever seen. Even so, you find quality vintage pieces there than a thrift store because the items need to pass certain criteria’s. If you choose to splurge, I added a chunky sweater from Everlane that if definitely on my Fall wish list.

Favorite ways to style an oversized sweater:

  • Chunky Knit Sweater + Black Leggings + Ballet Flats
  • Leather Jacket + Oversized Sweater + Skinny Jeans + Loafers
  • Flared Dress + Oversized Sweater + Ankle Boots

The Best Sweaters for a Fall Wardrobe: Cable Knit Sweaters

Last, I will suggest the Cable Knit Sweater – an oldie but a goodie. Fun fact: I knit. Knitting is hard and cable knitting a sweater takes amazing craftsmanship. I have one cable knit sweater which I adore from H&M that I love wearing during the Fall on a casual weekend.

best sweaters for fall wardrobebest sweaters for fall wardrobe

Sitting Pretty Style Loves:
The Waffle Knit Turtleneck | $115

Favorite ways to style a cable knit sweater:

  • Cable Knit Sweater + Blue Jeans + Converse
  • Jean Jacket + Cable knit sweater + Culottes + Mules
  • Pencil skirt + Cable knit sweater + Strappy sandals

Sweaters can create so many styles for Fall! Remember, quality is always the most important thing and don’t spend money on pieces you won’t repeatedly wear. Don’t forget to sign up to the Sitting Pretty Style Newsletter for fun exclusives and easy style hacks.

Also, this week is New York Fashion Week! Follow along on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for all the NYFW exclusives. Until next time!


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