Refinery29 29Rooms: 29 Rooms of Inspiration and Instagram-Worthy Moments

September 12, 2016 Comments Off on Refinery29 29Rooms: 29 Rooms of Inspiration and Instagram-Worthy Moments

This Saturday I trekked all the way from Brooklyn to Brooklyn (yes, it’s a hike even if you live in Brooklyn) for the Refinery29 29rooms event this weekend. In it you’d find everything the site was built on: fashion, beauty, technology and inspiration.

refinery29 29rooms

29Rooms: 29 Rooms of Inspiration

refinery29 29rooms

Ford room

As a blogger, I love Refinery29 for it’s exclusive content and amazing fashion and beauty pages. As a business owner, personal brand and writer, I love Refinery29 as an innovative and creative start-up that inspires me to create a website for smart women to be their best, most confident self when taking on the world and fulfilling their dreams, whatever they may be. To many, 29Rooms may have been about getting that envious Instagram worthy picture and add the most witty caption to match. I saw more.

refinery29 29rooms

Fossil Room

I saw brands, influencers and artists cater to their consumers and think outside the box to reach them.

Whether it was Ford’s “Garden of Energi” where they handed out business cards you can garden or Fossil’s “This is Your Q” with a mirror that moves the way you do, each room was designed with taking the consumer and giving them an experience they otherwise wouldn’t have and in turn, hoping to leave a lasting impression that turns into a sale and loyal customer. I danced awkwardly to Fossil’s mirror then learned all about their Q Smartwatches – I never even wanted a smartwatch, now I’m highly considering it (hello good advertisement)! As millennials ferociously veer away from typical ad campaigns and commercials, brands are utilizing their budgets and investing in giving consumers experiences and having influencers broadcast their love for a product and provide a genuine way to reach potential customers.

refinery29 29rooms

Michael Kors Room

A room I really enjoyed was #24: #ShoutOutKindness in partnership with Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation – a foundation dedicated to researching, learning and developing programs that connect young people in safe ways and empowering them with the skills and opportunities that will inspire them to create a kinder and braver world. This room allowed visitors to go into sound-proof rooms and record a #shoutoutkindness video to someone who made their day and then nominate someone else to do the same. I dedicated my video to my parents and brother, who support me through everything – all my crazy dreams, all my endeavors, they truly are the greatest influences in my life.

29 Rooms: An Instagramers Dream

refinery29 29rooms five

I’m missing a broad…#panda

Then there’s the fun part of 29Rooms – the opportunity to take some of the best pictures, Snapchats and Insta-stories ever. I found my broads from Atlanta in the “Panda” room, came to my senses in the Signe Pierce & Flavor Paper room and found a Beauty Wonderland with Ulta Beauty.

refinery29 29rooms

Finding my beauty with Ryan Burke’s Installations

refinery29 29rooms six

Flowers and colors and toys, oh my!

refinery29 29rooms seven

refinery29 29rooms

I will say, the line was very long and it was an extremely hot September day as we had what is hopefully the final heat wave of the season. Typically, I don’t like to wait in line for anything that is not a necessity, but this really is a once-a-year experience that you will never be able to have again. I’m sure there will be more 29Rooms to come, I certainly hope so  and if you have the opportunity to attend, I highly recommend it. As always stay tuned, this week I’ll be covering New York Fashion Week and its events. Until next time!