5 DIY Facials and Why You Need Monthly Extractions: Skincare Saturday’s

September 17, 2016 Comments Off on 5 DIY Facials and Why You Need Monthly Extractions: Skincare Saturday’s

As I’ve learned, monthly professional facials are essential to maintaining healthy, glowing beautiful skin. After my first facial at HeyDay – a facial salon that is taking the facial out of luxury spas and into affordable salons, I went in for my second facial and first extraction.

About a month ago I decided the next step in my skincare journey to clear my acne was to start getting facials. I used to think the drier a product made my face the better, if my astringent stung it was working and if I put retinol creams all day every day my acne would clear up. Naturally, my skin gave me the finger.

Why You Need Monthly Facials and Extractions.

diy facial extraction 6

It’s simple, really, extractions remove excess buildup in your pores that have hardened and turned into blackheads. Facials, are the core for a healthy and effective skincare routine. Living in New York I basically stand in dirty air – city grime is everywhere. If you live in an urban environment, that city grime mixes in with dead skin cells, debris and the sebum your body naturally produces to form the worlds most annoying concoction. Pores act like capsules that can trap all this gunk that when exposed to oxygen hardens and becomes brown/black, creating blackheads.

As much as we’d like to think blackheads appear overnight, they don’t. A blackhead can take days, weeks or even months to build before we notice and by that time our pores are completely filled creating bumpy, textured skin like I have (and am effectively treating). Extractions remove all the excess buildup while facials soothe and nurture your skin.

My Facial and Extraction Experience.

diy facial and extraction

HeyDay Nomad location

I was very pleased with my both of my visits to HeyDay. I found out about them through an online article and decided to check it out. According to NY Racked, cofounder and chief brand officer Michael Pollak states, “We want to take the facial out of the spa and into people’s lives”. HeyDay creates the simplest menu of two treatment options with the ability to build and customize all the while making it convenient to book via online or an app.

My first treatment was a standard facial and this was the first time I was told I actually have great skin – apparently my new skincare routine is working and I even get compliments on my skins natural glow (something that has never been said about my face before)!

diy facial extraction 2

HeyDay Nomad location

My Extraction in a Nutshell:

  • My face was cleansed with an oil-based cleanser which was then wiped off with a hot and wet towel (feels amazing).
  • Afterward, my face was cleansed again with a water-based cleanser to finish really clearing up my skin.
    • This is what I do at home called a double cleanse; to see my favorite cleansing products click here.
  • My skin was then softened by a mixture of non-irritating oils that are meant to open up the pores and help break down the debris inside them.
  • This is where the manual extraction happened. My skin therapist [facialist] manually extracted the buildup in my pores.
  • Once all the buildup that could be removed was, a mask was set on my face to soothe my skin.

I highly recommend extractions with a deep cleansing facial and I plan to go in for my third session next month. The main thing I learned, however, is that home care and is even more important! So, as I love to do, I’ve compiled a list of DIY facial masks with simple, every day items you can find at home.

5 DIY Facials I Love

Use any of these once or twice a week.

1. Overnight Skin Brightening: Milk + Tomato Juice

diy facial extraction 3

Use 2tbs of milk which contains lactic properties and 1 tbs of tomato juice which holds fruit acids that when combined will help with a clear and even complexion.

Sitting Pretty Style secret: I love to use this the next day after a fun night out in the city (hello MacDougal Street).

2. Overnight Moisturizing Mask: Honey + Tomato Juice

diy facial extraction 4

Before you see a pattern,  1tbs of honey is a natural antibacterial and 1tbs tomato juice has not changed from line one.

Sitting Pretty Style secret: I use this typically in the winter months when my skin is more susceptible to drying out.

3. Reducing Acne Mask: Cinnamon + Honey

diy facial extraction

This won’t “clear” your acne as many put it, however, it will reduce the size and irritation until it eventually fades away on its own. Both are antibacterial. 2tbs of honey and 1tbs of cinnamon should do the trick!

Sitting Pretty Style secret: I squeeze my pimples which I shouldn’t do! Try this first before squeezing and go to bed. Seriously, you will thank me.

4. Deep Clean Pores: Yogurt + Oatmeal

diy facial extraction 5

Cleansing is daily, but use 2tbs of yogurt and 1tbs of oatmeal to really deep clean. Oatmeal is amazing; it reduces excess sebum because its super moisturizing, tricking your skin into less sebum production (yay!).

Sitting Pretty Style secret: I use this most when its my time of the month and am prone to hormonal acne along my chin and cheeks.

5. Oatmeal Mask for Oily Skin (My Favorite!)

You’ll need green tea, crushed oatmeal and honey. Mix them altogether and leave on for 15 minutes. Green tea is really soothing for irritated and sensitive skin, honey hasn’t stopped being antibacterial and oatmeal does everything: brightens, cleanses, moisturizes.

Skincare shouldn’t be hard or expensive. Take the time to explore what your skin needs and I highly recommend if you’re in the New York City area to take a trip to HeyDay at either their NoMad or Tribeca location – maybe we’ll see each other there. Knowledge is power and the only way you’ll be able to really help yourself out. Otherwise it’s going in blind which can cause more harm than you’d think. Until next time!


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