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September 22, 2016 1 Comments

Although many consider the day Starbucks starts selling Pumpkin Spice Latte’s as the official day of Fall, tomorrow marks the first actual day and with that comes the next step to building the perfect wardrobe: Outerwear. In my Capsule Wardrobe post, I listed the 9 pieces you need to build a solid outerwear section. This article is all about the best outerwear pieces you need, when’s the best time to purchase outerwear and how to tell if you need new pieces. Hello, Wardrobe Wednesday’s!

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Best Outerwear Pieces: How do I know when I need new ones?

It’s simple, really – shop for new outerwear when there’s clear wear and tear. Our jackets and coats go through so much, especially in urban settings such as cities. Aside from the usual suspects of snow and wind, subway rides, coffee stains, sweat all dirty up our coats. Even more, we tend to take the least care of our coats and because we need them, wash them less.

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A few ways to tell you need a new coat and/or jacket are:

Your outerwear looks old.
There’s a huge difference between a coat that is “worn in” and a coat that is worn out. That weird stain that you have no idea where it came from and won’t go away, the moth-eaten sleeves or the completely rubbed raw collar are all tell-tale signs that coat has got to go. Don’t get me wrong, I love fixing old coats and revamping them, but sometimes you need to know when to let go.

The leather in your jacket is no more.
Cracked or ripped off, leather is skin and needs to be properly taken care of. If not, it will wither away, wrinkle and crack. Taking care of your leather jacket will allow it to last for years – mine has had a good 6 year run and now I’m looking for a new love because I neglected this one.

It no longer fits.
Need I say more?

Outerwear: The best time to buy.

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Truthfully, the end of the season or the summer. While NYFW is now allowing consumers to not only dictate the market but purchase pieces while they are still on the models, this statement still holds some truth and value. In fact, it’s even better for us because we can see what is coming out and either purchase at the moment or research how we can find similar pieces at bargain prices. I’ve found some of my favorite pieces at the beginning and the end-of-summer such as my staple Zara robe coat. I lived in that all 2015 Fall and Winter.

So what are the best outerwear pieces for your closet?

Depending on where you live, how you choose to invest in outerwear may vary. However, I live up north now and know a good coat is worth every penny.

Light Outerwear:

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These 3 are great for the beginning of Fall – it rains a lot in New York during this time of year and the weather fluctuates constantly. I chose this raincoat from H&M as they don’t have to be expensive, but think you should invest in a classic trench like this one from Burberry. Anoracks are great, too and are super versatile. I found a similar one to this from Everlane and actually like it more as it’s super minimal.


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This is probably my favorite section – currently an owner of all 3 styles, I use medium-weight jackets throughout most of October and early-November (last year up to December). The best way to go for jean jackets is vintage. After almost 2 years I found my denim jacket at a hole-in-the-wall thrift shop in Queens for $8. If you don’t care to carefully search that long, try this one from H&M. Leather jackets are a little different and although it’s cool to go vintage, there are so many styles currently on the market I say buy what fits your personality. Utility jackets are great transition pieces and the best way to go is classic.

Heavy-weight Coats

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This is where we bring out the big guns. This season is all about the puffer coat (and to be honest, when was it ever out of style?), but a classic wool and/or [faux] fur coat is the way to go. I’m a personal fan of Duster Coats, which look instantly chic and hides my pajamas as I go buy Cocoa Puffs from my corner bodega at 10pm (because #living).

  • Puffer Coat
  • Wool Coat
  • [Faux] Fur Coat

Coats are statements in and of themselves. When building your wardrobe remember jackets and coats should be both functional and fashionable. I also would like to mention winter coats become your uniform for many months out of the year. It’s so easy to get caught up in what’s trending, but I implore you to spend time looking for a coat and/or jacket that will last you throughout the year, throughout the trends and throughout different locations.

Did I miss an important piece? Let me know below and come visit Sitting Pretty Style every Wednesday for Wardrobe Wednesday’s! Until next time!


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