How to Wear Shorts for Fall & Winter Seasons

· The next step into building a better wardobe while transitioning into a new season ·

September 29, 2016 Comments Off on How to Wear Shorts for Fall & Winter Seasons

It's that time of the year ago where we sift through our closets to switch up the clothes we've loved all season for clothes we'll snuggle up in during the next.

Putting away tanks and sundresses can be slightly depressing, but this Wardrobe Wednesday I’m telling you all about the summer staple you can wear all year round: shorts. Yes, you read correctly, shorts. When building the perfect wardrobe, finding shorts that are transitory into each season is key. Today, I’ll tell you all about the best shorts for a curated wardrobe and how to style for fall and winter seasons.

How to Wear Shorts for Fall: Curating Your Closet

By this point in the Wednesday Wardrobe series, you should be well under way to building that dream wardrobe you’ve always wanted.

In case you missed any, I’ve added the links to previous Wardrobe Wednesday’s below!

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When creating a better, more sophisticated wardrobe, I always think it’s best to hang up the Daisy Dukes and go for something with a little…coverage. Don’t get me wrong, if you got it and want to flaunt it, go for it. Daisy Dukes cut off on the biggest part of your legs, your upper thighs; unless you have Karlie Kloss legs, this look is really tricky to pull off and doesn’t look right on most women. The best shorts for the ultimate wardrobe are:

  • Denim shorts (I typically love halfway between the thigh and knee)
  • Dressy high-waist shorts
  • Patterned shorts
  • Bermuda’s (jeans or chinos)

Other shorts to consider, especially for the Fall/Winter season are leather shorts. Uber sophisticated and chic, leather shorts bring an edgy feeling to any outfit and will keep you pretty warm during the colder months.

Best Fall Looks: How to Style Shorts for Fall

Sometimes, the best way to see an outfit is to have a visual guide on how best to wear a piece (isn’t that why Pinterest sucks you in for hours). Here are some fun ways to style shorts and give you an idea how capsule shorts can be incorporated not just into your wardrobe, but the season as well.

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Building a solid wardrobe takes time, patience and a fairy godmother. The last one may be a little hard to come by, so I’ll do my best while she’s away. Remember, closet curation is all about finding amazing pieces that are investments. When I go to a store or shop online as I typically do, I always ask myself “Do I love it? Can I come up with 3 or more outfits for it?” If the answer is yes, I maybe purchase it. A lot of times, I take the risk of waiting a day or two to see if I’m still thinking about it. If I am, I know it will be a purchase well-made.  I’m a 20-something living in New York City, sorry not sorry, but I don’t have the means to spend my money frivolously on items that will be stowed away in the back of my closet.

Have a fun outfit you want to try? Comment below!

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