Applying the 80/20 Rule for a Curated Fall Capsule Wardrobe

· This Wardrobe Wednesday is all about the 80/20 Capsule Wardrobe Rule ·

October 6, 2016 1 Comments

Women in New York are all about knowing what they want and how to get it. This statement holds just as true for a curated wardrobe.

Congratulations, you’ve made it to [in my opinion] the best season for a curated wardrobe! Fall is about comfortable, easy to pull off looks through layering and stylish outerwear. By this time in the Wardrobe Wednesday series, you should have (possibly unwillingly) purged your unwanted pieces, built a solid foundation wardrobe and have created a style board to help visualize and bring your new wardrobe to fruition. To do this, I’d like to introduce the 80/20 rule – a theory in which you invest in key pieces that become closet staples while adding a few seasonal must-haves to freshen up and add style to your closet.

Note, everyone has different closet staples – what I like to wear on a daily basis may not be what you like to wear on a daily basis. Think of me as your stylist suggesting items that are tried and true closet must-haves, then add pieces you know you love or have been feening for since last seasons fashion week. I’ve added my Fall staples below then showed the trending pieces I want to add for the season.

80/20 Rule: The 80%

80/20 rule80/20 rule 2

Shop the Looks (or Similar) Here:

  1. Women’s Extra Fine Merino Wool V-Neck Sweater, $30 | Uniqlo
  2. Women’s Extra Fine Merino Wool High Neck Sweater, $30 | Uniqlo
  3. Women’s Extra Fine Merino Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater, $30| Uniqlo
  4. Jersey Top, $13 | H&M
  5. Jersey Top $13 | H&M
  6. Knit Sweater, $35 | H&M
  7. Wool Blend Robed Coat, n/a | Zara
  8. BDG Seamed High Rise Jeans, $60 | Urban Outfitters
  9. Ribbed Culottes, $30 | MissGuided
  10. Breki-Pointed Toe Booties, $129 | Guess
  11. Leather Bucket Bag, $100 | Camelia Roma
  12. Pleated Semi Long Skirt, $50 | Zara
  13. TALL PU Zip Through Skirt, $80 | Topshop
  14. Faux Leather Biker Jacket, $100 | Topshop
  15. ELLA Ballet Flats, $259 |
  16. Pleated Crepe Wide Leg Pants

I’m trying to stick to neutral tones: white, grey, camel, navy and black. These are the best colors when it comes to layering and keeping a capsule wardrobe as aesthetic clean as possible. I like to add colors in different ways – a fun lipstick shade, a cool bag or whimsical shoes. Each one of these items can be transferred into the winter and spring season which makes them perfect for the 80% of the 80/20 theory.

80/20 Rule: The Remaining 20%


Shop the Look [or similar] Here:

  1. PETITE Laser Cut Bardot Prom Dress, $280 | Topshop
  2. Long Wool Blend Jacket, $80 | H&M
  3. Crinkle Flounced Blouse, $35 | H&M
  4. Short Skirt with Fringe, $50 | H&M
  5. Via Spiga ‘Deanna’ Mary Jane Pump, $195 | Nordstrom
  6. Cow Print Camera Bag by Skinnydip, $56 | Topshop

Every single item in that list on my actual Fall Wish List, especially that Laser Cut Bardot Prom Dress from Topshop. I buy trendy pieces in Fast Fashion stores not because they’re inexpensive but because they have a pretty good sense of what’s trending and how that can be incorporated into what you already have. I love to try on different looks, wear outfits that I never would have thought of wearing, but I also don’t want to feel bad if it is something that didn’t work out. What’s also great about fast fashion retailers is most have amazing return/exchange policies. I try not to return or exchange if possible, but it’s nice to know I have the option.

Your Turn!

Take a look at your closet; do you own mainly staples or trends? Weed out the pieces you wear most and put those in a place of priority and accessibility. Now take your trending pieces and see which ones you actually wear and which ones have stayed in your closet. Purge the ones that never see the light of day! The 80/20 theory takes practice and is not a strict rule, it can change and varies greatly depending on your own personal style.

Having a curated capsule wardrobe is great, but only if you really feel the close you choose are all you need. I want to hear from you! Have an 80/20 story? Leave a comment below and tell me all about it. Until next time!


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