The 5 Handbags Bags Every New York Woman Owns

· Whether rain or shine, these 5 bags will have you surviving in NYC ·

November 9, 2016 Comments Off on The 5 Handbags Bags Every New York Woman Owns

When building a wardrobe, we always think about the clothes we put on our backs, but what about the bags that carry our entire lives as we weave in and out of the streets of NYC?

Any New York woman will tell you handbags matter; they’re the period to our outfit as we leave the door into the world around us. Staple wardrobes mean having a well-rounded set of clothes, shoes and accessories that compliment your style. This Wardrobe Wednesday is dedicated to the real MVP’s of our closets – handbags – and the 5 handbags every New York woman owns.

5 Handbags Every New York Woman Owns: The Weekender Bag.

5 bags every new york woman owns

Not just for the weekend, a weekender bag is the bag every New York career girl swears by. Oversized and fabulous, it’s a wardrobe must as it takes you from day-to-night Sunday through Saturday. I typically use my oversized weekend bag from H&M throughout the week, especially when I’m bouncing around from meeting to meeting, carrying important documents and more than likely my laptop for blogging.

Weekender bags are meant to be fun, but going with a great standard color such as black, cognac or blush makes it universal and office appropriate. Throughout the seasons I suggest adding fun accessories such as key chains, scarves or even a fun and colorful coin purse.

Since I’m currently sporting this bag, I can tell you it is IRL holding extra shoes, my makeup bag (I was in a rush so I put my makeup on in the subway), wallet, keys, sunglasses, business cards, umbrella, Colorpop and headphones – and today’s my lighter day.

Cross-body Party All Over Town.

Clutches are great and one of the most ultimate closet staples. For most New York women, however, we need a small bag we don’t have to worry about holding, especially when there are drinks to grab and selfies to take.

Cross-body bags allow for the bare minimum; they’re straight to the point like the woman who owns it. Moreover, they’re the perfect grab-it-and-go bag, especially for a weekend around the city. Add some personality with a fun design, intricate chain or interesting detail.

My typical cross-body bag contains my wallet, phones, keys, sunglasses, lipstick and headphones. The essentials.

A Weekend Casual Bag.  

Undoubtedly changing styles from season to season, the casual weekend bag is that chic bag you take with you everywhere. A typical New York Saturday consists of brunches, errands and a possible meet-up with a friend and/or date a park or museum.

This season’s weekend casual bag is a chic bucket bag and I must say it’s so convenient, especially with the drawstring. Pair it with a casual tee, jeans, ankle booties and a leather jacket and you will be ready for any and all things New York throws your way.

Fun fact: My bucket bag is full of receipts because it’s my go-to for weekend errands.

The Backpack.

While most people discount them, a backpack is both functional and a staple to any New York girl’s wardrobe.

Although we’re considered city slickers, backpacks need to be added to any well-rounded wardrobe, especially because we leave the city and constantly explore the world around us. I prefer to use a backpack when I know I’m spending the day outdoors or traveling within the 5 boroughs of NYC.

My best advice with backpacks: put them in front of you when riding the subway. You don’t want anything slipping out (or in) and you also don’t want to be that girl that takes up more space than necessary because she refuses to take off her backpack.

The Tote Bag.

In New York City, tote bags are a staple that resembles a badge of honor for us “bridge and tunnel” folk. Whether expressing our personality with graphic statements or intellectual interests like anyone who owns a Strand’s tote, tote bags provide a sense of functionality and importance to the wearer.

Big enough to fit your wallet, extra shoes, gym gear, groceries, toiletries, laptop and anything else you can no longer fit into your bag, tote bags are relatively low maintenance, which is why so many New York women do not leave the house without them.

In my tote bag you’ll find extra shoes (my walk to the subway is currently 15-20 minutes) or my lunch, a notebook, gym clothes or anything else that may be too big for my bag that day.

If we’re totally honest with ourselves, we know will continue to own more bags than we should – after all, aren’t bags the final touch as we head out into world? The important thing here is to focus on making smart purchases and smart decisions. Yeah, the lipstick clutch may be so cute and great for the gram, but how many times will you actually use it?

Have a favorite bag? Show me! Follow me on Instagram and tag me with your favorite bag and I’ll go on a liking spree. Until next time!


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