What to Wear on Thanksgiving Day That Isn’t A Dress

· How to wear a great outfit that will hide your food baby ·

November 20, 2016 Comments Off on What to Wear on Thanksgiving Day That Isn’t A Dress

Like most Americans, I spend Thanksgiving Day with my family, friends and loved ones sitting around the table stuffing my face until I can't any longer.

Like many single women in their late 20’s and early 30’s visiting family, I also have to put up with the scrutiny that is another holiday season alone. So, like a true warrior, I look my best as I head to battle with the extended family that isn’t involved in my daily life. As a woman who also unabashedly loves carbs, I like to look for stylish pieces that flatter my figure while hiding potential food babies. This How-to-Style Sunday I showcase what to wear on Thanksgiving Day that isn’t a dress for the girl who loves to eat while looking good, too.

What to Wear on Thanksgiving Day That Isn’t a Dress: Blouse + Trousers

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My go-to holiday outfit is typically a dress, but Thanksgiving is the one holiday that is a bit more low-key. Opting for a beautiful blouse and trousers will look sophisticated and put-together even as your family takes turn talking about how much of a mess your life is. Loose fitting tops require fitted bottoms so a pair of trousers will work well.

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Choosing a statement piece doesn’t necessarily have to be an accessory. Remember, the key is to use your outfit to distract your family from the shambles that is life in your 20’s. I chose this blouse from my mecca (Zara, obvs) because of the interesting sleeves and pattern.

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For the girl with no ring (raises hand) dainty jewelry is a cute way to decorate those fingers. I bought a pack of these band rings from Forever21 for $5 and am obsessed with them. Aside from being in fashion, dainty jewelry is subtle and delicate; authentic without being overbearing.

what to wear on thanksgiving day that isn't a dress

Shoes are always a great way to step up an ensemble. Although heels are becoming secondary in the world of evening and formal wear nowadays, I love putting on a great pair, especially when in need of a confidence boost (you’ll need it as much as the bottle of wine in the kitchen).

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Truth is, at the end of the day, family is where it’s at and any scrutiny is out of love unless it’s full on August, Osage County at your house. Thanksgiving is a great time to be together and food is a customary bonding experience. Ultimately, if you choose to opt out of a dress:

  • Wear something loose and comfortable
  • Make sure it has an interesting detail and/or pattern
  • Wear shoes that make you feel confident
  • If all else fails, wine.

What do you plan on wearing on Thanksgiving Day? Share in the comment section below. Until next time.


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