Travel Diaries: Fashion Essentials for Weekend Getaway to Bahamas

· My go-to pieces, favorite spots and where to take Instagramable pictures ·

December 1, 2016 1 Comments

Traveling with family for the holidays is one of the best ways to make amazing memories.

Spending the Thanksgiving holiday on a cruise to the Bahamas is one of the best family vacations I’ve had in a while. I left New York for warm weather, sweet beverages and crystal blue waters and it couldn’t have been more perfect. As a blogger, I scope out any travel destination for things to do, places to go and locations for pictures. Below are fashion essentials for a weekend getaway to the Bahamas. You’ll find some of my favorite locations in Nassau, fun cruise activities to try and where to go to get “love” worthy Instagramable pictures.

The Fashion Essentials for a Weekend Getaway to the Bahamas: The Bathing Suit

fashion essentials for weekend getaway to bahamas

For those of you giving one-pieces a chance, hooray! Whoever said modesty is overrated has a very skewed sense of reality. One pieces offer an array of coverage. Whether wearing because it’s “on trend” or not, I chose to not bare my midriff (too much turkey) and opted for a suit that showed off my better ASS-ets if you will (I am from Miami, after all).

fashion essentials for weekend getaway to bahamas 2

Truth is, I like the way one-pieces feel; for the most part I’m covered and don’t feel uncomfortable in my own skin – which is so important when baring it all to the world. There’s also something so beautiful and sexy in the simplicity of “one” instead of “two” and not having to think about sucking anything in – especially after a few Coco Loco’s when you can’t really think at all.

fashion essentials for weekend getaway to bahamas 3

Here are a few things to consider when shopping for a one-piece:

  • What are your favorites assets you love to show off?
  • What style are you looking for?
  • Where are you headed and who are you traveling with?
  • If you like it and it fits, wear it!

The Fashion Essentials for a Weekend Getaway to the Bahamas: The Fashion (Duh).

fashion essentials for weekend getaway to bahamas 4

I wore maxi dresses for almost the entire trip. Breezy, flowy and comfortable, maxi dresses provide the perfect coverage without the feeling of constriction (I’m starting to see a pattern here).

fashion essentials for weekend getaway to bahamas 5

Dresses are as formal as you make them. When deciding what to pack for any trip, learn about the location and think of yourself as the Creative Director for an editorial feature. I was inspired by the pastel colors and tropical streets and thought this blush-colored dress from H&M would be perfect to wear.

fashion essentials for weekend getaway to bahamas 6

When exploring I always opt for a small wristlet like this Coach wristlet that is part of their Rexy holiday collection. It’s important to carry the essentials and although atypical of me to sport bright colors, I prefer something that stands out on its own.

Here is what I packed for my holiday vacation.

bahamas-tripEssentials for a Weekend Getaway to the Bahamas: Where and How to Take Instagram-worthy Pictures.

fashion essentials for weekend getaway to bahamas 7


Let’s be honest, if it wasn’t posted on Instagram, did it really happen? I love Instagram to share those magical experiences and my personal story with others. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be able to see so many parts of the world, learn about cultures and people different from my own and instantly share that with others.

That being said, if a picture is worth a thousand words (or in this case “likes”) you want to make sure it’s a photo that truly captures what you’re seeing, experiencing, tasting or feeling. Remember, you are the Creative Director for your blog, Instagram and life, so why not curate an amazing photo that inspires others to do the same?

fashion essentials for weekend getaway to bahamas 8

City Hall in Nassau, Bahamas was the perfect setting for my blush dress.

How to location scout:

  • Do your research!
    Before any trip I Google where I’m headed to plan for outfits and location scout places I may want to photograph. Geotagging is a great way to location scout and offers you a chance to look at pictures already taken and see if you can add something new.
  • Plan ahead.
    My dream job has always been to be a Creative Director or editorial editor in a features department, so I’ve trained my brain to think like one. Imagine all of the ways you can take a picture that conveys a feeling you have or in someone else. If the goal is to sell something, what is the best way to display it?
  • Ask locals.
    After all, who knows the town better? Don’t be afraid to ask someone where to go or what you’re looking for. Most of the time people are willing to help and will give some amazing insider advice.
fashion essentials for weekend getaway to bahamas 9

Make it personal by adding someone special, like I did by including my brother.

Taking the perfect selfie:

  • Show where you are.
    If you go on my feed you won’t find many selfies. When you do, you’ll notice I love to add a good background and what better than the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean?
  • Add someone else.
    Who said you have to go solo? Grab your sibling (like I did) or your friend and snap a memory! Just make sure you establish everyone’s good side first.
  • Lighting is everything.
    No explanation required.

fashion essentials for weekend getaway to bahamas 10fashion essentials for weekend getaway to bahamas 11fashion essentials for weekend getaway to bahamas 12

Mixing in scenery or objects:

  • Show where you are.
    It’s amazing to travel anywhere, there are literally people who don’t ever leave their hometowns. Instagram allows you to share a world different than your own. Post it!
  • Take pictures of your favorite objects.
    That gelato literally made my day and the aesthetics of the wooden table made it even more pleasing.
  • Think outside the box.
    The reflection of the palm trees through my sunglasses were so cool I had to snap a picture of it. Bonus to the matching umbrella! Sometimes we don’t want to be in the shot and that’s okay. Make it worth it, regardless.
fashion essentials for weekend getaway to bahamas 13

Atlantis Resort | Nassau, Bahamas

Traveling is truly a blessing and food for the soul. The cruise was so much fun, especially with my family, but experiencing such color and vibrancy not found in the city this time of year was everything. I highly recommend Nassau if you haven’t been. Take it all in and snap away! Have you been? Tell me some of your favorite places to go.

fashion essentials for weekend getaway to bahamas 15

Senor Frogs | Nassau, Bahamas

Until next time.


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