5 Travel Beauty Essentials to Look Fresh While Traveling

· How to stay looking fresh while traveling all season long ·

December 27, 2016 Comments Off on 5 Travel Beauty Essentials to Look Fresh While Traveling

As much as I love to travel (and travel), I hate the toll it brings on my face and skin.

Between airport check-ins, long road trips, the stress of packing (raise your right hand if you pack last minute) and delays show up on my face and age me about five years. This led to me experimenting how to look fresh while traveling this holiday season. As we grow older, the act of traveling takes a toll, especially on skin that is already sensitive. There are now 5 travel beauty essentials I use to look fresh while traveling.

I’m constantly trying to figure out how some women (err…models) arrive to their destination looking relaxed and refreshed while us mere mortals tend to sway towards aged and agitated. With my 2017 goal to travel near or far once a month, it was important for me to not only figure out how to care for my easily irritated skin and strip down the saturated content infiltrating the internet with products that may not even be good for you but good for a websites wallet. Below I have listed my 5 favorite travel-friendly beauty essentials to arrive refreshed and rejuvenated this holiday season.

5 Travel Beauty Essentials to Look Fresh While Traveling

5 travel beauty essentials to look fresh while traveling 1

  1. Gel Eye Pads
    Let me say flying coach and doing a full-on beauty routine is no small feat and I commend the brave women who do. Using a more target-specific product like gel eye pads give a more concentrated dose for an area that needs it most. Look for one that is meant to brighten (Vitamin C) or plump up the eye area (collagen). My 3 favorite gel eye pads are:
    Absolute! Cooling Gel Eye Pad $5 (16-count)
    TONYMOLY Panda’s Dream Eye Patch $3
    Skyn ICELAND Eye Pad $30 (8-count)
    5 travel beauty essentials to look fresh while traveling 2
  2. Sleeping Masks
    Probably the most discreet form of your travel beauty routine, you’ll look glamorous versus a creature of the night with a sleeping mask. Sleeping masks soothe and relax exhausted skin, not to mention you can PTFO into oblivion for however long your voyage may be. Bonus points: if you put an eye cream it’ll preserve all the moisture you put around your eyes. Try:
    Slip Silk Sleep Mask $45
    Iluminage Skin Rejuvenating Eye Mask $35
    Gel Bead Sleep Mask $10
    5 travel beauty essentials to look fresh while traveling 3
  3. Facial Mist
    I was a little skeptical about facial mists, mainly because I voted myself most likely to spraying with my eyes open – a very possible and incredibly problematic situation. Regardless of my lack of hand/eye coordination, there are great moisturizing facials mists to try for an illuminated arrival. Some facial mists like the NEOGEN Code 9 Sebum Clear Pore Mist even help with oily skin. My go-to’s:
    ENATURE Birch Juice Hydro Mist $24
    NEOGEN Code 9 Sebum Clear Pore Mist $11
    Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist $32
  4. Sleeping Packs
    I had to do a lot of research on sleep masks as I honestly had no idea how they work. Now that I do, I see they are the perfect travel companion. Unlike sheet masks they are far less threatening to the eight-year old child that could possibly be sitting next to you upset at your “panda” sheet masks. They also absorb quickly, so there’s no residue on your face or travel pillow. Go for:
    LIOELE V-Line Sleeping Pack, $16
    Algenist SPLASH Absolute Hydration Replenishing Sleeping Pack, $48
    TONYMOLY: Magic Food Banana Sleeping Pack, $18
  5. Teeth Whitening Kit
    Spending hours on a plane/train/car is my favorite time to relax and whiten my teeth. I partnered with Smile Brilliant and have been using their product for a little over a month and the results are incredible! As a major coffee and wine drinker, using teeth whitening kits are one my favorite beauty hacks when traveling. More than likely I’m not eating, I’m trying to sleep and time goes by a lot faster. I prefer Smile Brilliant for their custom fitted trays made to your teeth; the benefits can be found here.

Traveling is an already hectic so trying to relax is absolutely vital. Have a favorite travel beauty hack? Tell me about it in the comments! Until next time.