How to Keep Your New Years Resolution

· The best way to maintain your New Years resolution this upcoming year ·

January 2, 2017 1 Comments

"New year, new me." I say, "yeah, right."

We’re all guilty of it; we make New Years resolutions hoping this year it will stick. I’m guilty of it; I make all these resolutions, do great for the first month and watch it all disassemble to the point I repeat the same resolutions the following year. Here’s why: at the stroke of midnight we’re still ourselves (albeit, slightly buzzed versions) and we still maintain the same mentality we did a mere year (slash, minute) ago. So, I decided to rethink my New Years resolution and I figured out how to stick to them.

My New Years (Non-)Resolution.

New Years Resolution

I decided to give myself not resolutions but goals. Thinking further, I decided to give reasons to my goals to better achieve them. When thinking about what I really want to accomplish this year, I realize I need reasons for setting these goals. My “new years resolution”/goals include:

  • A blog that evolves and better serves my readers
  • Inspiring others through my writing and social media
  • Growing professionally as a publicist, influencer and writer
  • Growing personally as a woman, Latina, friend, girlfriend, etc.
  • Really focusing on my fitness for health reasons

New Years Resolution 2

One of the biggest goals I set for myself is Sitting Pretty Style. Life as a blogger when you also work full-time isn’t the easiest. I worked on this shoot with my friend and fellow blogger Valerie of and we found each other having our own set of difficulties as micro-influencers. Trying to break into an industry that in a lot of ways is still developing is challenging enough. As the industry becomes even more saturated, how do you set yourself apart from the millions of men and women trying to do the same thing?

New Years Resolution 3

That’s where setting these goals come in. For 2017 I’m going to make time for me and my goals. What’s more, writing my goals down, holding myself accountable and making sure other people can hold you accountable are key.

New Years Resolution 4

Start small.

New Years Resolution 5

What’s your first goal? Start with one goal, let it become a habit until it feels natural. Then, add the next goal. Trying to do one thing at a time allows you to master each task and not become overwhelmed which resolutions tend to make us feel.

New Years Resolution 6

So take it one day at time. Rome wasn’t built in a day and all we can do is exist and try to be a better version of who we were the day before. Excited to share all of the amazing things coming this year. Have something you want to see on the blog? Share it, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Make sure to also read Val’s taking on blogging as well! Until next time.

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