How to Pull Off the Ballerina Trend

· How to wear ballet-inspired fashion when not on stage ·

January 8, 2017 Comments Off on How to Pull Off the Ballerina Trend

The fall/winter season has claimed the classical ballerina look will be all over the place this season.

As a former dancer my love for all things ballet remain unchanged, even in my fashion choices. At one point or another we all have fantasized walking around New York City in a beautiful tulle skirt like Carrie during the opening credits of Sex and the City. I found this sweater at H&M and it made me realize many don’t understand how to pull off the ballerina trend. The key: subtlety.

How to Pull Off the Ballerina Trend: Sweater Weather

how to pull off the ballerina trend

With colder weather we all tend to choose warmth over style. Since most of us stay covered in our  top coats we wonder why it matters what’s underneath. I love sweaters you can layer and the ballerina trend is all about pulling off a whimsical, sometimes theatrical look with subtlety.

how to pull off the ballerina trend 2

This sweater felt like something you’d warm up in before barre and it was the perfect addition to my outfit. I take summer pieces like this backless suede dress and incorporate it into my Fall/Winter wardrobe to mix things up. At the time, the weather was a little warmer and I could bare my ankles. Now, just add some fun tights or thick socks to stay warm.

The Dress.

how to pull off the ballerina trend 3

There’s something so classic and sexy about a mid-length dress. As much as we may hate to admit it, Kim Kardashion West has pulled off this style effortlessly and shows how it can look great with most body types. A dress like this pairs well with chunky sweaters because of its ability to be layered.


how to pull off the ballerina trend 4

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll quickly realize how often I wear ankle boots. When it comes to pulling off the ballerina trend, you can switch these up with ballet flats or shoes that lace up. Add a cute bag and watch and you’re good to go!

how to pull off the ballerina trend 6

Trends come and go so if you do want to wear ballerina-inspired pieces, make sure they can be repurposed with different outfits that don’t look repetitive. Check out the slideshow below to shop some of my favorite ballerina-inspired looks. Until next time.

Photo cred: Hortencia Caires a.k.a Stylefeen