How to Edit Instagram Photos for Social Media

· The 3 apps I use to edit my social media photos ·

January 24, 2017 Comments Off on How to Edit Instagram Photos for Social Media

It's no secret - Instagram is a place where instantly amazing photos come to life and we all want a piece of beautifully curated pie.

As a blogger, I use social media, specifically Instagram, as a tool to inspire others. What’s more, I use the app to create intrigue for my website articles on New York City living and fashion. Instagram has become a form of photo sharing that is half curated and half instant photography. Whether using Instagram for your blog, business or sharing with loved ones we all edit our photos and want to put our best #selfie forward. To introduce my new social media series, I’m sharing how to edit Instagram photos for an #Instaworthy feed.

How to Edit Instagram Photos

how to edit instagram photos

Retouch App


I tend to use 3-4 editing apps and depending on the photo I like the Retouch app. Please note, I am not a fan of major editing or body alteration, but sometimes we have that one item (paper, pole, etc.) that can ruin a great photo. I love the Retouch App to remove unnecessary objects.

The picture above is a picture I took in Palm Beach by the lovely @Valerie.crystal during Christmas break. Using the Retouch App I removed that address number from the photo for a cleaner look altogether.

how to edit instagram photos 5


I tend to use Snapseed to brighten and straighten my photographs. Composition is a small factor many forget, but it’s one of the best and subtle ways to create a visually appealing photo. One of my favorite tools in the Snapseed app is the rotate tool which automatically straightens your image.

how to edit instagram photos 4


There’s so much controversy against Facetune, however, I have no problem using the app as it’s essentially a Photoshop for your phone. I use Facetune when I want to whiten a photo (usually a flatlay or #foodporn if it has a yellowish tint), increase details (like accessories or curl definition) or smooth away wrinkles (as I don’t own an iron).

Here is a #shoegram I took the other day of my new Zara heels. Because #IHaveThisThingWithFloors, I wanted to showcase the coffee shop’s floor pattern against my red shoes. The lighting was horrible so I used Facetune’s whiten tool to whiten the floor and make the shoes pop.

And there we have it, how to edit Instagram photos. I hope this was super helpful and insightful. I’d love your feedback on this Social Media series and if this is something you’d like to see more of. Not everybody wants to be a blogger, but we all want to #DoItForTheGram. Wouldn’t you want to add a photo that brightens up someone’s day, inspires them to book a flight or share an amazing meal with friends? Until next time.