What to Wear on a Cold, Rainy, Winter Day

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February 13, 2017 Comments Off on What to Wear on a Cold, Rainy, Winter Day

As the steady train of New York Fashion Week trudges on, New York decided to welcome all the fashionistas waiting to be captured in their perfect winter #OOTD outfits by throwing actual bits of ice from the sky while simultaneously walking through dirty sludge that made me question whether this counts as walking on water.

​Sunday’s are typically errand days for me. As I had no NYFW events for the day I decided to take it upon myself to complete the usual errands I spend Monday through Saturday avoiding. As I walked down the burgeoning streets of Brooklyn, I realized outfits need to be functional as well as stylish. Sure, rain boots are a classic go-to, but what to wear on a cold, rainy, winter day when you have somewhere to be?

What to Wear on a Cold, Rainy, Winter Day

what to wear on a cold rainy winter day

This season has brought so many ups and downs and by ups and downs I mean the weather. Between hot and cold it’s become a morning routine to wake up and check what the day will bring. On cold and rainy days like this one, I always opt for jeans, a chunky sweater (not seen) and a rain-proof jacket.

what to wear on cold rainy winter days 2

I love this vintage Anorack jacket from the 90s and it’s none of that, “I thrift because it’s cool,” crap, but rather good pieces defy time and a classic is a classic. Originally worn by my mother, this jacket is as old as I am and I love how I know nobody else will be wearing it. Most importantly, an anorack is a staple for rainy weather.

what to wear on a cold rainy winter day 3

Accessories play a key role as well, as I don’t like to run weekend errands on the weekends with bulks of bags. All you need is a simple statement piece or, if you’re me, the bag that you rarely change out and most likely has your wallet.

what to wear on a cold rainy winter day 4

Shoes are the essence of a slushy errand run. Yes, I am wearing heels but I made sure my heels have rubber soles are work for winter like these Tommy Hilfiger. Even with these, be prepared to possibly fall flat on your butt.

what to wear on a cold rainy winter day 5

No matter the look, confidence is key, especially when you slip and slide your way around the city. Have a favorite rainy, winter look? Share below! Until next time.

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