How to Wear Dresses Over Jeans Like a Street Style Star

· and the art of layering like a style blogger ·

March 13, 2017 Comments Off on How to Wear Dresses Over Jeans Like a Street Style Star

Ever look at your favorite style blogger or street style Instagram page and wonder "How do they look so flawless, even wearing that?!"

Style is such a personal concept; as seasons change between days or even hours, layering has become an essential style tool that should be readily available in your fashion arsenal. Moreover, layering is no longer a necessity, but a staple, especially this season by wearing dresses over jeans. How to wear dresses over jeans like a street style star is easy! All you need to remember are three simple rules.

How to Wear Dresses Over Jeans: Layer Outside the Box

how to wear dresses over jeans

Whenever I’m contemplating making a purchase, I try to come up with at least three outfits in my head. If I can’t find at least three places to wear, I won’t purchase it. The same mentality applies to layering. Always think beyond the garments intended use. This is the second time in a few weeks I have worn a dress outside of its intended use.

how to wear dresses over jeans 2

I decided to take my WhoWhatWear for Target dress and make it into a long shirt over my jeans and long-sleeved tee. I tied it along my waist, however it would’ve also worked if I had let it hang loose.

Dresses Over Jeans: Make the Dress a Statement Piece

how to wear dresses over jeans 3When it comes down to it, how to wear dresses over jeans is all about making a statement. The dress adds another element, even if that element goes against your gut feeling of looking slightly ridiculous. Truth is, you don’t! You may feel you have a lot going on, but as long as you pair down the rest of your look (muted colors, staple pieces) the dress will pull the whole look together and, despite what you think, will not look forced.

how to wear dresses over jeans 4A great pair of shades never hurt anyone, either! I like my sunglasses to stand alone while adding an eclectic element to my outfit.

Dresses Over Jeans Like a Style Star: Keep Your Look Monochromatic

how to wear dresses over jeans 5Keeping your outfit within the same color family typically helps dresses over jeans look put-together versus a trend. Classic denim jeans will bring any look together, however, lighter jeans should have neutral colors attached.

how to wear dresses over jeans 6

Dresses worn over pants should also have thinner tops underneath. Yes, a chunkier sweater looks great with overalls, but not so much with a dress. Again, this will always come down to a less-is-more situation.

Whether trying this style for fun or as a way to layer for the remainder of the season, this is a trend worth a try! Have a favorite dress you’ve been wanting to wear all winter long but haven’t because of the cold? Try it with your favorite pair of jeans and a cozy long-sleeve tee. Leave pictures in the comments. Until next time.