How to Wear Floral Dresses for Spring 2017

· Why romantic dresses are making a comeback as a political statement ·

March 20, 2017 1 Comments

We all get it [insert Devil Wears Prada quote about florals here]. Today marks the first day of Spring, and in New York City that means flocks of untanned legs, and breathable, colorful, patterned dresses.

I’ll admit, I’d rather wear jeans, a hoodie and sneakers on any given day. But there’s something so magical about Springtime in the City, it’s almost transformative. Fortunately, we’ve seen a rise in romantic dressing; from full-length gowns to tulle skirts, ballet-inspired pieces and of course, floral dresses. Last week I talked about layering for transitional seasons; this week it’s all about creating an outfit with single pieces.

How to Wear Floral Dresses for Spring 2017: Be Romantic.

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At a certain point a cultural shift was created where it was no longer fashionable to be feminine. The rise of athleisure-meets-office-casual has had a significant impact on the way women choose to dress. Even Taylor Swift traded in her skater skirts and oxfords for grungy flannel and ripped jeans. While we certainly don’t mind casual wear, wearing romantically-inspired floral dresses brings a new sense to women empowerment; one of ownership and the audacity to stand out in a crowd trying to blend in.

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Being a woman is hard enough, especially walking around a city where cat-calling and ogling are the norm. Living in a society that uses the term “boys will be boys,” to describe sexual assault attackers while simultaneously alluding to a victims’ fashion choices as a cause for sexual assault provocation can create a feeling of safety in understated dressing. This leads me to believe romantic floral dresses become a political stance in their own right; stating I am a woman and will choose to dress however I like and no, this is not an invitation for your opinion or approval or “compliments.”

How We’re Currently Wearing Floral Dresses.

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This season is all about a vast range of prints, shapes, cuts and designs. I love the floral and ruffle trend, something that epitomizes romantic dressing.

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My friend Gigi (@gigiblanco) loves #TGIFF (Thank God It’s Floral Friday) and wears floral every Friday. It’s a print that will never get old, never go out of style and will always flatter every woman.

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Don’t be afraid to go even bolder and try metallic shoes! My fondness for lower heels has grown as I walk and subway almost everywhere in the city and shoes need to be functional as well as fashionable. Finish off your look with a statement clutch like this Coach beasts small wristlet, you can never go wrong with a pop of color!

As women, we should never deny ourselves the ability to be inherently ourselves. Don’t be afraid to dress because some horrible people may say some pretty awful and lewd things – you’re amazing and should let yourself explore everything fashion has to offer you. Most importantly, let your fashion tell the world how you feel. Until next time.

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