How To Wear Mod Dresses And Look Fresh For Spring

· Taking mod fashion out of the 60s and into the now ·

April 3, 2017 2 Comments

Fashion, rinse, repeat. It feels as if styles keep coming and going, constantly being repurposed by the latest "it" designers. Era pieces can feel borderline costume-y, however, there are ways to appropriately nod to an era while remaining current.

Mod fashion has always been somewhat fascinating to me. Growing up, the slim and shapeless adolescent me loved shift dresses. As I grew up (and filled out) mod style became a trend to admire as most hourglass-shaped women can look unflattering in them. How to wear mod dresses no matter the body type is completely achievable (and easy).

How to Wear Mod Dresses: The White Collar, Black Dress

how to wear mod dresses

Before Wednesday Addams made the white collar, black dress her signature look, the Peter Pan collar was brought into the limelight.

how to wear mod dresses 2

In the 60s, white collar, black mod dresses were worn by some of the most iconic women in fashion: Twiggy, Mary Quant and Jean Shrimpton to say the least. These women not only epitomized mod fashion, but created a style that was meant for women to do as they please. It’s fun, flirty and forever strong.

The Shoes.

Red is always a staple when it comes to black and white dressing. For Spring, however, adding fun pastels such as blush and baby blue hues create a fresh take to an iconic style.

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Traditional 60s mod fashion was full of bright colors such as vibrant yellow, bright pink and strong greens. By adding a non-era element, or mixing styles from other eras, the look feels recent and uniquely your own.

Add Modern Accessories.

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As the days continue to grow (albeit begrudgingly warmer), I tend to layer less and accessorize more. Watches, bangles, bracelets, earrings, they’re all fair game in the Spring. Add minimal accessories for an understated look, leaving the outfit to speak cohesively. Mixing feminine and masculine pieces is always a great combination. Other ways to pair this look would be:

  • Brogues + Dress
  • Dress + Leather Jacket
  • Big-faced Watch + Dress

how to wear mod dresses 5

Ultimately, we help create and shape the fashion of this era for the next generation. We should be innovators, thinkers, constantly taking risk and finding ways to enjoy the clothes we wear. I appreciate the women of the Mod era so much – for their ingenuity, feminism and influence. We should honor these women, especially in such a rough point in our history where our voices are trying to be silenced by men who will never be able to walk in our shoes. Until next time.

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