How to Take A Wall OOTD for Instagram

· Finding the best angle when you're in need of a quick snap ·

April 6, 2017 2 Comments

Ever wonder how these fashion bloggers always take the most amazing photos, showcasing legs for days and they're only 5'2"?

Taking the perfect wall OOTD for Instagram is simple. Like all things in life, it’s about perception, living in the light, and finding the right angle. Wall #OOTD’s have become pretty standard on my Instagram feed, and as photos that get high engagement I can say without sounding too forward I know what’s up when it comes to down to it. I’m sharing my top 5 tips on how to take a wall #OOTD for Instagram below.

How to Take A Wall OOTD for Instagram

how to take a wall ootd for instagram

Tip One: Find A Wall.

Told you this would be easy and painless. Finding the perfect wall for an OOTD is the cornerstone of your picture. Personally, I enjoy neutral walls such as white, grey and black; they allow any outfit to shine. The best thing about choosing walls is you can find one that works for your feed literally everywhere.

how to take a wall ootd for instagram 2

With that my tips for finding the perfect wall are:

  • Make sure your background and your outfits are in sync. Wearing a bright, colorful, printed dress? Choose a muted, solid color wall and vice versa. Think in opposites!
  • Try something fun like monochrome. I love monochrome Wall OOTD’s, they’re so chic and elegant. Try a hot pink wall with a blush outfit or a cream wall with an all white ensemble.
  • Be interactive with murals. I love trying to fit into a mural, no matter how silly it looks to the outsider looking on. If you’re standing in front of a mirror trying picking one that compliments your outfit versus clashing with it.

Tip Two: The Best Angle Is Up.

This is probably one of the best pieces of advice I’ve received when it comes to taking the perfect wall (or basically any) OOTD for Instagram. Just like your selfies, how to take a wall OOTD for Instagram is all about angles.

  • Play around with your angles until you find one that works. Depending on the outfit, a shot head on may not be the most flattering (I’ve learned that the hard way).
  • Take shots with the camera tilted upward. Full-body shots taken with your camera slightly angled upward gives an instant Karlie Kloss effect to your legs. Taking photos from the camera angled down will make you look squat.

Tip Three: Add Natural Movements In Between A Stop-and-Pose.

how to take a wall ootd for instagram

I am very much a real person living a very real life and I like my pictures to reflect that. OOTD’s are my style diary and like a diary, it should tell a story of that moment in time. Walking or naturally moving from side-to-side can give depth to your photos and make them feel less formal.

Tip Four: Don’t Be Afraid to Direct Your Photographer.

how to take a wall ootd for instagram 5

I almost always ask my super amazing friends to squat and tilt the camera slightly upward for my wall OOTD’s. Sometimes I’ll ask for different angles, “slightly to the left, a little more off-center,” etc. I don’t mind asking strangers for photos, just like I don’t mind taking photos for strangers. You can also set up the photo and then ask your friend/stranger to take a picture exactly how you set it up. After all, it is your picture, you’d rather have ones you can work with.

Tip Five: Make Sure Photos Are Clear And Straight.

how to take a wall ootd for instagram 6

I prefer to use the Grid feature on my iPhone camera for this exact reason. Crooked images are an absolute nightmare and are very unappealing to the naked eye. Your grid breaks your photo into nine parts, which let’s you look at the picture in thirds. If you place your subject’s points along the intersections of the grid or along the lines, it will be more pleasing and put together.

Now it’s your turn! I want to see your wall OOTD’s. Leave your Instagram handle below or tag me in your favorite wall OOTD photograph. Remember, your Instagram feed should be what interests you and makes you the happiest. Until next time.


  1. @sakurasaccharine

    April 6, 2017

    Fun and informative post 😁 Lol, I’m trying to get better about posing and the like. For whatever reason I tend to be drawn more to organic backdrops (trees, grass, etc.) as opposed to manmade, but I feel like it’s harder to keep consistency that way? Not that my feed is near consistent enough 🙄


      April 9, 2017

      You can definitely add both! Now that the season is warming up you’ll start to see opportunities for organic backdrops everywhere! Even if you’re indoors, finding a plant or some kind of greenery can keep your feed consistent. Hope this helps!

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