The Gingham Trend for Spring: How to Wear This Style

· The print that may replace florals for Spring ·

April 25, 2017 1 Comments

Well, probably not replace floral, but definitely give the print a run for its money. Gingham is everywhere, lately and it's no longer for picnics in the park.

The gingham trend for Spring is everywhere, however, that doesn’t mean you have to look like a tablecloth. There are easy ways to pull off and style this look, and sometimes subtlety is key. I was pretty skeptical about wearing gingham until I realized there are small ways I can implement the trend without regretting it a few seasons later.

The Gingham Trend for Spring: Summer Style

gingham trend for spring

It’s taken me a while to get back into the swing of short dresses and heels but I loved this Zara dress with gingham detail! Shift dresses are fun and flirty for the season, but the flare of gingham print at the bottom adds a look that is spot-on for the season. Most importantly for me, it’s a dress I can also wear to work with the right shoes and blazer.

gingham trend for spring 2

I added my vintage jean jacket for a relaxed weekend look in the city. Spring is that season with unpredictable weather – warm days and chilly nights. Adding fun color combinations to the gingham trend for Spring like a jean jacket with blue gingham or a blush parka with red gingham adds personality and structure to any look.

gingham trend for spring 3

The Gingham Trend for Spring: Accessories Are Everything

gingham trend for spring 4

I will just say here and now Coach latest collection is everything. From their bags to their clothing, the entire collection is an absolute success. I chose a light bag for this look as it compliments the white inside the gingham print pattern while still looking sophisticated and polished. The burgundy details along the handbag add a nice touch to combat all of the cool colors mixed in.

gingham trend for spring 5

I’ve had these shoes for almost four years now and some shoes are timeless. With social media, it seems fashion is moving at a much faster pace and has an even bigger platform telling us we should all be uniform, even in our individuality. That’s why I enjoy wearing pieces I find outside of the major fashion retailers as well as quality shoes that last through the years. Colorblocking will forever be a trend and done right, you can mix the old with the new.

gingham trend for spring 6

Whether you want to do a full gingham skirt or maybe just a clutch, you can make trending prints fit your style. If you’re not sure if you want to take a deep dive in prints start small. Already have a gingham print look? Share with me below and subscribe to the site for the latest and most up-to-date fashion trends and city finds. Until next time.

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