Breathable Summer Fabrics That Will Keep You Cool And In Style

· How to remain stylish even in the heat all season long ·

May 8, 2017 Comments Off on Breathable Summer Fabrics That Will Keep You Cool And In Style

It may not feel like it in New York City, but Summer is approaching faster than any of us could anticipate. I've noticed each summer I find myself gravitating towards the tiniest bits of clothing just to stay cool, not realizing I can still remain stylish while staying covered.

Towards the end of May, Spring and Summer styles tend to blend together as we build our seasonal wardrobe with bright colors, crop tops and sun dresses. What we often fail to forget is how important fabric choice is during the summer. With that, the five best breathable summer fabrics that will keep you cool and in style this summer are: cotton, chambray, rayon, linen and summer blends. Below I styled one of my favorite cotton jumpsuits that I know I’ll have on repeat.

Breathable Summer Fabrics: Cotton

breathable summer fabrics

Cotton is probably my go-to fabric for the summer. There’s nothing fresher than a crisp and clean cotton ensemble, especially when it comes in the form of this bell-sleeved jumpsuit from Zara.

breathable summer fabrics 2

Things to remember when wearing cotton this summer:

  • Make sure it is at least 70% cotton
  • Wear seamless underwear
  • Use deodorant on all possible sweat zones

Breathable Summer Fabrics: Light Colors a Plus

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I love sticking to my neutrals of white, black and blush for summer and replacing my typical winter gray for a lighter camel.

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Baby blue is everywhere this season, and I can’t wait to add it into my wardrobe as the months go by. Add fun details like a crazy print or funky sunglasses for texture and depth.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize!

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I love me a micro bag. A true commuter, I am typically lugging my huge black tote, gym bag and lunch bag with me. As any L train commuter knows, it’s not fun, so weekends is all about carrying as little materials as possible.

Similar bags perfect for summer are:

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Late-Spring, early-Summer in New York City is probably my favorite time of the year and I want my clothing to feel as fresh and new as the season does. Have a favorite summer fabric you love wearing? Share about it below, I want to know! Don’t forget to subscribe to my monthly newsletter! Until next time.

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