How to Wear Knits In The Summer

· Two simple looks you can put together with one knitted tank for a fun summer feel ·

July 25, 2017 Comments Off on How to Wear Knits In The Summer

It's hard to imagine sweater weather and a New York summer heatwave ever going together; just the idea of knits makes me think of open fires, hot chocolate, and a space heater.

Light knits can be the perfect accompaniment to any summer outfit; a cute cardigan, loose top or light sweater all work for the summer months. Knitted tops are the perfect summer style as they’re lightweight, playful, and add dimension to any look. How to wear knits in the summer can be easy to pull off and versatile enough to wear on repeat.

How To Wear Knits In The Summer: Jeans For A Laid-Back Look.

how to wear knits in the summer

For a casual on-the-go look, jeans are always sophisticated and laid back enough to pair with a knitted tank such as this one from H&M. When both the top and bottom hang loose, it’s best to make sure certain areas, such as your waist cinch to keep a flattering figure.

how to wear knits in the summer 2

With knits, a casual look for me typically involves keeping one item as the focus while everything else compliments. I love my neutral leather bag to tie the look together. With the butterflies and snake print shoes, everything else should be low key.

how to wear knits in the summer 3

Lastly, don’t take the outfit too seriously! Add a fun print like these cute H&M sandals. Other shoes I would probably wear with this outfit are:

  • Loafers
  • Wedges
  • Slides

How To Wear Knits In The Summer: Keep It Flowing.

how to wear summer knits 4

This may not be the most “work appropriate” top, but it can still look nice for an evening out or Sunday brunch. I paired my knitted top with a pleated cream skirt and baby blue tie-ups sandals for a refined look. Knits have the occasional reputation of looking sloppy or unkempt, but paired with polished pieces it can do quite the opposite.

how to wear knits in the summer 5

One of my favorite things about wearing light knits is how breathable they can be, even in the summer. Unlike a lot of synthetic fabrics (certain knits included), light knits breathe, just like cotton.

how to wear knits in the summer 6

Find pieces you genuinely enjoy and wear them as much as you can. Knits are a fun way to express your style while still not having to do the hot-and-cold dance that comes with what feels like an oven outside and a freezer when entering any indoor location. You can also add something personal to your look; my purse was a gift from my mother when she went on a trip to Italy. The butterflies have symbolic meaning entering a new season of my life. Find what speaks to you. Until next time.