Fall Skincare Essentials For Combination Skin: The Benefits Of Moisturizing

· How shea butter oil has transformed the way I approach my fall skincare routine   ·

September 27, 2017 Comments Off on Fall Skincare Essentials For Combination Skin: The Benefits Of Moisturizing

The transitioning weather during the months of September through November can wreck havoc on anyone’s skin, including mine. Like seasons, your skin goes through transitions. Creating the proper skincare routine with the right products help keep your skin as clear and smooth as possible.

During the summer months, my skin care routine consists of light gels for oil-absorption and sunscreen; but for fall, my combination skin requires products that moisturize my dry skin without upsetting my oily section. This season, my fall skincare essentials for combination skin have involved the Shea Butter line from L’Occitane.

Anyone who has combination skin knows how hard it is finding products that work for both oily and dry areas. For my routine, double cleansing has become my best friend as I have found relief in using oil-based products to keep my skin from producing excess oil (talk about reverse psychology). Using the Shea Butter Cleansing Oil, Light Comforting Cream, and Ultra Rich Comforting Cream for the past few weeks (giving my skin ample time to adjust), my skin feels smooth and moisturized for this time of the year.

Fall Skincare Essentials for Combination Skin: Shea Cleansing Oil

As previously mentioned, I cannot stress enough the importance of double cleansing, starting with an oil-based cleanser like the L’Occitane Shea Cleansing Oil

How It Works

When massaged into the skin, oil-based cleansers bind to surface impurities (i.e. dirt, oil, etc.) without clogging pores. Once touched by lukewarm water, the cleanser turns into a milky substance and rinses away, leaving the skin clear, soft and hydrated.

When I tried the Shea Cleansing Oil for the first time I was impressed at how efficiently it removed my makeup and other impurities on my face. The five percent shea oil is meant to preserve the skin’s natural hydration, which leaves my skin feeling soft afterwards. 

Best Way To Use

Once applied, I typically use a battery-operated face roller to massage my face and get the blood circulating while the shea oil cleanser does its stuff. Blood circulation to your face helps rejuvenate the skin and give you a nice glow.

I try to do a full three-to-four-minute massage, so I’ll play a song to help things move along.
Some of my favorites (yes, I’m taking it there):

  • You Can Do It – Ice Cube
  • Passionfruit – Drake
  • Golddigger – Kanye West ft. Jaime Fox

Fall Skincare Essentials for Combination Skin: Shea Butter Light Comforting Cream

I refuse to leave my house without proper moisturizer or sunscreen, even if it’s not sunny outside. When trying L’Occitane’s Shea Butter Light Comforting Cream, I was extremely nervous my sensitive skin would break out or produce excess oil, but when they say light, they mean light. The shea butter oil helps keep my t-zone clear while hydrating my cheeks and jawline, where my skin tends to be the driest.

How It Works

The shea butter in the moisturizing cream answers the essential needs of normal to combination skin, and even includes sensitive skin types.

Best Way To Use

I typically like to apply my moisturizers right after double cleansing while my face is still damp. Keeping my face, a little moist helps absorb the product better. I also like to have the jar already open so I don’t contaminate my hands.

Fall Skincare for Combination Skin: Shea Butter Ultra Rich Comforting Cream

The best skincare products work when you’re not even paying attention (like when you’re asleep). Our skin rejuvenates at night so adding intense moisture during that period is crucial. Using L’Occitane’s Shea Butter Ultra Rich Comforting Cream, I realized my need to use more products during the week has diminished (which is a good thing because I love being lazy when it comes to a beauty routine).

How It Works

Unlike the other two products mentioned, the ultra rich comforting cream has 25% percent shea oil, meaning you’re getting ample moisture, perfect for those with dry and/or very dry skin. The cream is really creamy, and feels pleasant on your face. It also surprisingly didn’t make my pillow feel sticky, so I think it’s a win all around.

Best Way To Use

I prefer to use the ultra rich comforting cream just two-to-three times a week versus every night. I started off two nights a week to let my face adjust as I found it too much for every day use on my skin type. I suggest starting slowly, applying once or twice a week and gradually increasing as you see fit.

All in all, fall skincare routines are about consistency and gradually changing products to not overwhelm your skin. Give your face time to acclimate to each new product added and don’t be afraid of changing your routine. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have discovered how much I love the L’Occitane Shea Butter line, which is available at Sephora. What’s your favorite fall skincare routine? Share with us below. Until next time.

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