The Cool Girl Way To Wear Denim To Work 2017

· Yes, you can still look professional, be comfortable, and take a great Instagram pic on your lunchbreak ·

November 1, 2017 Comments Off on The Cool Girl Way To Wear Denim To Work 2017

If you're anything like me, you consider wearing jeans and a t-shirt your signature look. Having a go-to outfit can make getting dressed a lot easier in the mornings, but it can also pose a different kind of complication when working in a corporate environment.

Building a work wardrobe may not necessarily feel like task, but rather a way of life. You know longer have a “work” and “casual” wardrobe; quite honestly, you shouldn’t. Unless you work in a conservative, corporate office, most companies allow flexibility in clothing choices (thank you, Mark Zuckerberg). Here is an easy way to wear denim to work without compromising your company dress code or style.

The Cool Girl Way To Wear Denim To Work 2017

way to wear denim to work

When it comes to effortless work style, thinking in a general rule of three makes all the difference. Adding a third piece such as a:

  • Blazer,
  • Jacket, or
  • Statement necklace

can quickly elevate your outfit, creating a seemingly polished look.

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I’ve been loving my plaid blazer from H&M, wearing it all season long with various pieces. You can never go wrong with wearing a blazer with a pair of jeans, meaning wearing denim to work is no longer a casual Friday situation; I wear denim almost every other day.

Way To Wear Denim To Work: Cut And Fit

Jeans are definitely easier to pull off in the summer, but denim can look even better in the fall. Funny story, I bought these jeans at H&M originally a size 8 – I am a size 4. I wanted these jeans so badly, though, I bought them on the spot and took them to a tailor. A nice, relaxed fit is the best style to wear around the office. It’s casual enough where you feel comfortable, but a nice enough fit to still be appropriate.

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The last thing I do to pull my look together is adding a pair of classic heels. Adding heels instantly takes away a “casual” vibe, and I would easily wear this to a client-facing meeting. However, I find the best way to wear denim to work is with confidence! I have never been told my the way I’ve dressed to work is inappropriate, even if I’m wearing sandals during the summer. Having the confidence to be comfortable in your own skin will reflect in the clothes you choose to wear. Have a favorite way to wear denim to work? Share with me in the comments below, I love hearing about your style. Until next time!