How To Wear A Jean Jacket During The Fall And Winter Months

· With the right technique, jean jackets aren't just for thos in-between seasons ·

December 11, 2017 Comments Off on How To Wear A Jean Jacket During The Fall And Winter Months

It's a proven fact, you will always look ten times cooler in a jean jacket than in any other jacket you wear.

I used to think jean jackets were for late-Spring or early-fall; boy was I wrong. How to wear a jean jacket, especially during the colder months comes down to style and layering.

How to Wear a Jean Jacket During the Fall and Winter Months: Chunky Sweaters

how to wear a jean jacket

Pairing seamlessly, chunky sweaters are a great way to wear a jean jacket without getting cold. Although not seen here, I like to wear my Uniqlo HEATECH long sleeved tee under my sweaters for extra warmth. Keep the outfit simple and understated by adding a neutral color such as this camel mock-turtleneck from H&M.

How to Wear a Jean Jacket: Men’s Fit

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Personally, I prefer a looser fit when it comes to jackets, particularly jean jackets. I found this jean jacket in the men’s section of a thrift shop in Queens and never turned back. Best part? It was only $8. Nonetheless, fit is everything and if you’re going to wear chunky sweaters over long-sleeved shirts under your jacket, the looser the better, trust me. Play against the masculinity of the jacket with a feminine touch such as a mini skirt and heeled booties. I chose my favorite leather mini skirt with some opaque tights to keep me warm.

Finally, Add Some Accessories and Pins

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I like adding personal touches to my outfits; I’ll wear earrings on the collars of my blouses, wear my watch over my sleeves or add a brooch to my coats. The great thing about jean jackets and denim in general, is the ability to make it as playful as you’d like. I decided to keep mine understated by adding just one pin – in this case my Louis Vuitton pin.

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Overall, dressing for the fall/winter season should be easy and fun! Moreover, you shouldn’t have to give up your favorite staples just because of a season. How do you style your jean jacket? Leave a comment below! Until next time.