How To Create A Dressing Area For A Small Space

· Taking a corner of your room and making it into your own personalized dressing area ·

February 20, 2018 0 Comments

The word “luxury” certainly changes when it comes to finding an apartment in New York City. A dishwasher, closet, even a window with a view not looking at another building can up the real estate price on a “prime” piece of property. As a woman with a passion for clothes and closet to match, I find one of my biggest home obstacles has been creating an area where I can get dressed and see my finalized head-to-toe look before walking out the door.

Listen, I get it. New York City apartments for a twenty-something is not what you see on TV – they are tiny. With a limited amount of space, every choice made is critical with every nook and cranny carefully curated to be both functional and beautiful. When learning how to create a dressing area in a small space budgetary and dimensional accommodations had to be made.

how to create a dressing area for a small space

How To Create A Dressing Area For A Small Space

how to create a dressing area for a small space 2

I took my very limited budget and shopped around for the perfect pieces. Desiring a space that was both sophisticated and eclectic, I knew every design choice mattered. When opting for a corner dressing area, consider:

  1. A color palette that will last throughout the seasons 
    Want to know if a set of colors is good for your room? Look in your closet! If you wear loud colors why on earth would you choose a muted dressing area and vice versa? As someone who wears mainly neutrals, I wanted a space that held to those palettes while still playing with patterns and colors in a subtle way. I chose black frames throughout my room, including the full-length mirror from IKEA to contrast the floating cabinet turned nightstands.
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  2. Layering Is Key
    Layering involves placing items in front of or behind others to create a collected look. This could be applied to vignettes or whole rooms and I definitely recommend applying to dressing areas! The art to an aesthetically pleasing space is basic geometry and pattern play (and you thought geometry wouldn’t be useful). I aligned the mirror to be leveled with the picture frame. A neat trick is using the grid feature and seeing if everything in the space is aligned and inside a square!
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  3. Balance It Out
    Balancing a room means visual equality of objects and furniture in a room. For small spaces, less is more. I decided to pull the area together with a printed black and white chevron rug from Target with my navy ottoman that I’ve had since my sophomore year of college. The dark colors are balanced with the cream-colored walls and white nightstand. I added a bronze bookshelf as a highlight, bringing everything together.

The Result
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My perfect #OOTD station! The trick is to make your corner feel lived in; add personality by leaving a favorite pair of heels, accessories or outerwear to make the space personal. The best part? My grand total was $128! As a renter, we sometimes find it difficult to invest in spaces we rent because we know, ultimately it is not ours. In New York especially, nomadic living is common, with renters living on average two years in an apartment. Committing to simple design solutions will make any space worth living in. Regardless if it’s a rental, it’s your home.

As this is my first home design project, I’d love to know your thoughts! Let me know some of design rental/small apartment woes and I’ll write posts about then. Until next time!