How To Wear Floral Dresses During Winter

· For when you're ready for the new season but the winter won't let you be great ·

March 12, 2018 0 Comments

With Spring literally a week away, I have been feverishly dreaming of summer clothes and sun hitting my [now] pasty legs. Growing tired of my winter wardrobe, I've been slowly sprinkling a few of my spring/summer items into the mix for punchy, spruced up looks that will easily transition into the next season.

Although perhaps not “groundbreaking” in any way, floral dresses are a spring and summer staple. With wrap dresses coming back into style (although one could argue they never left), mixing trends is the best way to prepare for a new season while letting yourself stay warm. Putting together the look below, I go over how to wear floral dresses during winter to help during that transitory seasonal period.

How To Wear Floral Dresses During Winter

how to wear floral dresses during winter

The key to mixing and matching seasonal trends comes down to layering. When it comes to how to wear floral dresses during winter, I like to think of the dress as the statement piece and keeping everything else neutral. I found this dress on NastyGal and knew it would be the perfect spring dress. For this look, I paired my wrap dress with:

  • A basic black turtleneck
  • My plaid wool blazer
  • Thigh-high boots

how to wear floral dresses during winter 2

Keep Everything Within A Similar Color Palette

As much as I would like, I know I’m not a woman of many colors. I rarely brave a bright, bold yellow or a punchy, in-your-face green; but I do like pattern play and prefer to go bold with patterns. In order to mix-and-match patterns, sticking to a color palette will go a long way and pull your look together.

For this look, I stuck with blue, black, gray and white and let the red center of the flowers be my pop of color.

how to wear floral dresses during winter 4

If you choose to opt out of tights, thigh high boots are a great option for keeping warm. Originally, I thought the outfit would look great with red ankle boots, but this 30-degree weather wouldn’t let me be great. Thigh highs are a great choice and can give your legs that Karlie Kloss effect.

how to wear floral dresses during winter 5

Lastly, have fun with some amazing sunnies, like these retro thin 90s sunglasses from ZeroUV. As a woman who loves sunglasses, yet knows she’s privy to losing and/or breaking them, ZeroUV provides an amazing selection of classic and trendy sunglasses at an affordable price. With the new season around the corner, start playing around with spring trends, you’d be surprised at how much fun it is to dress up your dreary winter clothes. Until next time!