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About Me: Stephanie

Hi! I’m Stephanie, a 20-something New York transplant born and raised as the youngest to a Dominican household in Miami, FL . When I was younger I told my mother 3 things: “I want tattoos; I’m moving to New York City and I’m going to be a big fashion person.” So far, I have tattoos, I moved to New York City and I work in fashion (working on the “someone big” part). I’ve always been a person of goals, determination and creativity. Sitting Pretty Style has stemmed from that and is a reflection of my personality, dreams and not-so-perfect realities. I literally cannot wait to come home and write a hopefully great blog post, share my day on Instagram or collaborate on a project throughout the weekend.

About Sitting Pretty Style

Sitting Pretty Style was founded in 2014 when I was a senior in college. I can’t really tell you why I started a blog only that I did. I like to say SPS had a re-birth in 2015; after I moved to New York, I had a really rough time. I hated my job, I had my heart broken from someone I still very much care about, winter was awful and I missed my family so much. There was a point I stopped blogging, stopped enjoying life and the blessings I was being given. One day I woke up and said “Enough! I’m so much more!” tropical10_

I realized there was so much potential in my blog, how therapeutic it was for me and how I could use my newfound voice to help others struggling with the same things. I let New York consume me for the better the second time around – getting lost in the city, finding fashion inspiration and letting my affordability for only closet-sized apartments allow my design creativity to blossom. Sitting Pretty Style is where I lay it all out there: the good, the bad, the ugly and the pretty. I talk about Fashion, Beauty, Skincare, Lifestyle and everything inspiring because they’re all a part of who I am and what I can bring to the table.



Let’s work together! Sitting Pretty Style works with brands, bloggers and other creatives to find the best way to represent both parties through sponsorships, collaborations and partnerships.

I pride myself on creating truly collaborative projects that are inclusive of both mine and the brands ideas. Below you will find a fun (and hopefully informative) media kit.

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